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Versatel terminate the online?

  • May 31, 2020
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How do you cancel Versatel and if the online is possible, you will learn in this practical tip.

In the case of Versatel terminate - so it goes

In the case of Versatel, you can get rid of your notice of termination online, however, you need to consider some form of alien necessarily:
  • You must include in your termination as a Write-donned, scan it as an attachment to your Mail.
  • Very important: The letter of termination must be signed, otherwise, your notice is invalid.
  • Your Email you send to info@versatel.de.
  • Would you like to Write under these circumstances, but rather on the traditional postal way on the journey, you should make it to the appropriate Versatel location send.
In the case of Versatel terminate

Versatel cancel: Here you will find templates

Templates for the correct notice, you can find here for your Versatel-location:
  • Versatel A (Headquarters Berlin)
  • Versatel West
  • Versatel Nord
  • Versatel Ost
  • Versatel Süd
Versatel announce templates
Terminate is worth it: In the large DSL comparison calculator you will find the cheapest rate for your place of residence.