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Twitch.tv More audience get the best tips

  • May 31, 2020
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With the right Tricks you can get on Twitch.tv significantly more viewers. We have selected the best guides for you.

Twitch.tv: the numbers of spectators increase - General tips

If you Stream a lot of spectators or in the Twitch-Nirvana disappears, depends on several factors:
  • Some games are more accepted than others. Role-playing games, for example, are usually long-winded and the entry is made difficult for the viewer, there is a certain amount of background knowledge must be present in order to follow the Story.
  • Entertaining games such as "FIFA" or "Super Smash Bros.", by contrast, are more accessible and appeal to a wider audience.
  • Furthermore, your stream is the "way" is crucial: A "Facecam," is in Twitch Streams now commonplace.
  • Also pay attention to the quality of the camera used and the quality of your microphone. For the audience, it is a worse Video, it's tolerable-quality rather than a bad sound.
  • In order to get many viewers, the time an important role. Similar to when watching TV, there is also a "Prime Time" on Twitch, which extends approximately from 19 to 22 o'clock. In this period, the majority of viewers cavort in the Portal.
More viewers on Twitch.tv

Twitch.tv spectators are increasing in numbers - tips for Moderation

Of course, you as the Streamer is a key factor. Their Moderation keeps viewers in your Stream, or have them migrate.
  • Always try to the viewers to integrate. As your audience develops a reference to the Stream and to themselves.
  • The integration you can achieve with the game, by selecting a title that will allow your viewers can play with them (e.g. Minecraft or other Multiplayer games).
  • On the other, you can address your audience through the Twitch Chat and in game decisions to participate can. Furthermore, you can discuss proposed topics and questions.
Twitch.tv: tips on Moderation

Twitch.tv spectators are increasing in numbers - tips for marketing

You take care of the representation of your stream in the social media:
  • Your viewers should always know exactly when you are streaming. Therefore, enter on time, what time is the next Time on Twitch play.
  • Through social media you can appeal to a wide audience. A Post in Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in no case negative, tend to gain in viewers.
  • You can promote in addition, by determining during the stream a Hashtag for Twitter, and so on with your audience to communicate.
  • Of course, it is also important that you stream on a regular basis. You can choose the best a particular rhythm and you put the individual dates are not too far apart or too close. As a guide to get started, about 1 to 2 Streams per week can be used.
Twitch.tv: viewers number increase
As you Twitch in VLC Player look can, we show you in the next tip.