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Sonos System setup - first steps

  • Jul 11, 2020
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Before you can use your Sonos System, you must set it up first. The first steps we have in this practice tip is for you.

Sonos System setup – first steps

  1. Connect your Sonos System to the mains and switch it on.
  2. Download the official Sonos Controller App for iOS or Android download.
  3. Then open the App and select set up there in the "New System".
  4. Tap on "standard" and wait until the list with the available devices is ready to be loaded. Then tap on your Sonos System.
  5. To setup, you must press the buttons displayed in the App on your Sonos at the same time. After that, an orange light begins to blink.
  6. You can confirm this in the App, and then enter a name for your Sonos System. Thus, the setup is complete.
Sonos System set up
In the next tip we tell you how you Apple Music on Sonos, stream can.