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Sonos vs space field: Sound systems compared

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Sonos vs the field – both Sound systems perfect for home use. In this practical tip we will compare both speakers for you.

Sonos: Sound System in the Overview

  • Operation: Sonos is understood as a practical speakers for almost all devices. To use and setup you need, however, is an App for Android or iOS.
  • Handling: The device works thanks to the above mentioned App quickly and easily. After that, the Sonos is ready to use and can be used by all devices in the network. So you can, for example, also the Amazon Echo, with Sonos to use or Apple Music on Sonos play.
  • Connections: Unfortunately, the Sonos only has a optical connection that is not supported by all devices. Older TV sets can be, for example, with the Sonos connect.
  • Cost: The Sonos systems, there are from 600 euros to buy up, depending on model and design.
  • Our conclusion: A very good offer and sufficient features.
Sonos Sound System instead of the field

Space box: a Sound-System at a Glance

  • Operation: the systems of the space field in the in-house Wi-Fi set up and so also other devices can be controlled.
  • Handling: thanks to the supplied remote control you need to control any App, this is only needed for the initial setup. She is also available for Android and iOS available, and is easy to use.
  • Connections: unlike the systems from Sonos, you have more connections so you can connect the System to almost any System.
  • Cost: The space-field systems, up from 600 euros.
  • Our conclusion: this is a Big plus point here is that you can use the System via remote control and other devices can connect.
Room, box, Sound System instead of Sonos

Conclusion: Sonos vs space field – which is the better Sound System

  • Both devices are easy to use and setup is self-explanatory.
  • Unfortunately, the Sonos System has only one optical port, so that especially older TV devices here on the track.
  • Since these are around 200 euros cheaper, we recommend the Sonos systems, rather than the field of space systems, since they could also convince in the sound test.