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Samsung 9 series: Touchpad-fix Problem

  • Aug 08, 2020
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If you have a Problem with the Touchpad on a current series 9 Ultrabooks from Samsung, can help several approaches to a solution: you can change the settings of the touchpad itself, or an Update of the BIOS and/or the Touchpad driver to perform. We will explain all three methods using the example of a Samsung 900X4C A08 on Windows 8.

Touchpad settings Samsung-series-9-change Ultrabooks

If your Touchpad works in principle, but for example, to slow to react or swipe gestures does not perform as desired, you should first check the settings of the touchpad:
  • You are looking for via the Charms menu in the "settings" area to the "Touchpad" (see Screenshot).
  • The top search result takes you to the Samsung settings window, where you can among other things configure the pointer speed or sensitivity. In addition, you can set how the touch pad at the touch with one, two or more fingers should behave.
Touchpad settings search

Touchpad is not responding at all

If your Touchpad is not responding at all, first check if you accidentally pressed Fn+F5 and the Touchpad inadvertently disabled. If a renewed pressure of this key combination does not help, you need to update either the driver of the touchpad, or possibly even the BIOS of your series 9 computer.
  1. Both are, of course, without a touch pad is quite hard to close, therefore, the best first of all a mouse to the USB Port on the ultrabook to.
  2. For Updates, there are newer Samsung devices, the program "SW Update". This is usually on your Desktop as a Shortcut, otherwise you can reach it via the Samsung's own Quick-Starter-menu (see Screenshot).
  3. In the "SW Update" will be displayed normally the necessary Updates (so also for the Touchpad) automatically, you need to confirm the Installation only.
  4. In addition to a driver Update for the Touchpad, it may also be necessary to bring the BIOS to the latest version. However, BIOS Updates are not run via "SW Update" in series 9 devices, always without a problem - often you have to restart the Download multiple times until it actually works.
  5. If you still have trouble BIOS Update, help run two Tricks: the Update separately, without at the same time other Updates in SW Upgrade download. Second tip: to Close the Notebook during the upgrade to the power outlet.
SW Update from Samsung