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Security key for Wi-Fi display

  • Aug 09, 2020
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You want to connect a new device to your Wi-Fi and want to have the associated security key ads? So you find out quickly and easily, where you find this.

Wi-Fi security key in Windows 7 display.

With Windows 7, you can see the security associations simple:
  1. Select the "control panel" under the category "network and Internet" menu item "network status and tasks".
  2. As a result, the "network and sharing center" opens, in which you can right click on "wireless networks" click manage.
  3. It will appear in your saved Wi-Fi networks. Right click on the desired network and select "properties".
  4. Under the "security" tab you will find the network key. (see Screenshot)
Security key under Windows 7

Wi-Fi security key on the Router check.

You can read the wireless security key in your Router. This is not v. a. in older versions of Windows, since you get there without the use of additional programs to the Wi-Fi Code. We show this using the example of a Fritzbox.
  1. Type in the address line of your browser "fritz.the box". Then enter your password.
  2. Click in the menu on the left of "Wi-Fi" and then on "security bar"
  3. In the main window you will see under "wireless network key" the requested security key
Wi-Fi security key in the fritz.box
The first guide applies to Windows 7. In Windows Vista it works in a similar way. In Windows XP and below, this method does not work. The second instruction is independent of the operating system, but only applies to a fritz!box. In the case of other routers, the process can vary.