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Mac Filter in the Wi-Fi Router

  • Aug 06, 2020
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When you set up your Wi-Fi Router is a Mac Filter you restrict the access rights on your home network. How to set a Filter for a so-called Media Access Control address, we will show you in this practical tip.

Mac address Filter of the Fritz!Box set

  1. Type in the address line of your browser "fritz.the box". Then enter your password.
  2. Click in the menu on the left on [the radio network]bar
  3. In the main window you will now see the devices with the Fritz!Box (see image). Below this you can choose the Option "Wi-Fi access to the known devices limit", and click [Apply].
  4. Thus, the access to your Wi-Fi network is limited to the already connected devices. If you want to add more devices, click add a [wireless device]. Here you need to enter the Mac address of the new device.
Mac Filter in the Fritz!Box

Mac Filter with a Speedport Router

If you have a Router of Deutsche Telekom (Speedport), proceed as follows.
  1. Type in the address of your browser, "speed-port bar.ip" or "" in. Then, you log in with your password and confirm with [OK].
  2. Click in the menu on the left of [security] bar, and select the sub-item [Mac filtering].
  3. Click [operation condition] and change the setting to "on". Then you confirm the setting with [Save].
  4. Via [PC Take&Share] you can add new devices. For this you need the relevant Mac address.
Mac Filter at a speed port

So you can find out the Mac address

To add a new device, you will need the Mac address of the PC or mobile device. This consists of six, two groups of Numbers and letters (Hexadecimal), for example: 00-13-02-AF-B6-1C
  • In the majority of mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, ebook readers), you can find the Mac address in the wifi settings.
  • In the case of Windows PCs as of Windows 2000, you [Win]+[R] press and enter "cmd". It is a DOS window opens. Here you can all type "ipconfig/". Under "Wireless LAN Adapter wireless connection" you will find the "Physical address" is the Mac address.
Mac-address on "ipconfi
  • In the case of Mac OS X, open the [system settings] and click in the heading "Internet & network" [network]. Here you select the Airport card and can be read at the Airport the Mac address.
Mac address in OS X