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Lightning Adapter for the iPhone 5 - what are the options?

  • Aug 04, 2020
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Apple iPhone 5, iPad 4 and Mini have a different power input than their predecessors - the Lightning connector. Using an Adapter you can use your old Docking Stations and cable but still. We will show you what options you have.

Lightning Adapter Dock for iPhone 5

Apple delivers along with the new devices such as the iPhone 5 or the new iPad, unfortunately, is not free-to-Lightning Adapter. You can acquire such, but either directly from Apple or a third-party provider. Many of the Reseller - for example, Arctic and great Online stores such as Amazon are now cheap replicas in your range, they work just as good as the Original.

A new Lightning cable buy

Do not use a Docking Station or navigation-mounting brackets with the 30-pin Dock connector, but only USB-cable? Then you can replace it completely. In the Original, you will be significantly less expensive way than with the Lightning Adapter. In addition, there are also many reasonably priced replicas. Furthermore, the market of accessories-articles is a new connection now is very large, so you can buy directly under certain circumstances, for example, the appropriate sound system.