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Cell phone battery properly charging

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Here we give you tips on how to charge your cell phone battery properly. So that you can increase the life of your mobile phone and your battery.

Cell phone batteries: Lithium-ion battery in the correct load

For the majority of Smartphones is now a so-called Lithium-ion batteries are used. The following tips will therefore apply for this type of battery. First, a few General notes:
  • The so-called Memory effect cannot occur in Li-Ion batteries for Smartphones, according to the current state of the science. The effect is to ensure that the battery performance is not reduced if you discharge the batteries completely before they are recharged.
  • An average Li-Ion battery for up to three years by keep - with proper care.

The best tips for your phone battery

Built-in charging circuitry protects your battery from the biggest load faults, such as Overheating or Overload. On these points you should be aware of however:
  1. You should use your battery, i.e. it is not constantly full or discharged. To the best of your battery between 30 under 70-percent charge.
  2. You therefore do not wait until your Smartphone battery is completely empty, but you take it as soon as possible to the grid, if you get the battery warnings. Let it fully charge.
  3. It is also not loading is advisable in your mobile when the battery charge is still at 50 percent to 70 percent.
  4. Charge your battery at room temperature. To high and to low temperatures will affect the charging cycle of your cell phone and allow the battery to age faster.
  5. If you do not use your mobile phone for a long time, we recommend storing the batteries outside of the device in a cool environment.
Battery life of modern mobile phones

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Phone charging the battery properly
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