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WD My Cloud check for errors - so it goes

  • Oct 02, 2019
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If your WD My Cloud shows a malfunction, you can check with a self-test, whether there are any problems. We will show you how to do it.

System test on the WD My Cloud perform – HOWTO

  1. You can open the user interface of your WD My Cloud in the Browser. To do this, you must use the IP address of the device as the URL.
  2. Log in, and then go to the settings.
  3. Now click in the side menu on the item "utility". Here you can perform a number of different Tests.
  4. If you suspect a disk error, run check disk. The Option "quick test" scans the hard disks for potential errors, however, may not be as reliable as a full Test. In the case of a full Test with all existing disks are read and problems due to addiction. Since this is much more accurate than a quick test, it also takes longer - sometimes several hours.
  5. In order to examine the entire System for errors, click on "system check".
  6. Once the system test is completed, your WD My Cloud the results.
WD My Cloud check for errors
In the next tip you will learn how to on your WD My Cloud to the energy plan, configure can.