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Car radio does not recognize the USB Stick - what to do?

  • Jul 08, 2020
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Your car stereo does not recognize an USB-Stick is not, this is probably with the Radio is compatible. We will show you how to check this and what Alternatives you have.

USB Stick is not recognized by car stereo

If your car stereo does not recognize the USB Stick or no files are showing, there is usually one of the following problems:
  • Older car radios are just USB 2.0 ports compatible. Does the Stick to a USB 3.0 port, here is the Problem. Cheap USB Sticks you get but for around 8 Euro.
  • Some car radios only take USB Sticks with limited storage space. You have to use a Stick that holds 32 gigabytes or more, you should test a smaller disk to your Radio.

Car radio does not recognize the Format of the USB stick

Your car radio is not recognized in the USB Stick, but displays the stored data, it is formatted wrong:
  1. You plug in your USB Stick to a Computer and click on the workspace with the right mouse button on the data carrier.
  2. In the context menu click on "properties". You can now see whether the Stick in NTFS Format or Fat32 is available.
  3. If the Stick is formatted in NTFS, you should it in the Fat32 Format bring. Many car radios can handle this Format better.
USB-Stick: format check
In a further practical tip we can help you more, if your USB Stick is never detected.