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CD/DVD failed: disk readable again make

  • Aug 10, 2020
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A CD or DVD is no longer readable, you can repair the disk, in some cases, or at least data rescue. We will show you how this works.

CD/DVD is broken: So you make the disk readable again

Small scratches on the bottom, you can quickly fix it. Small and large scratches on the top of a CD/DVD set, even for professionals more of a challenge.
  • Try the broken CD or DVD in different drives. May the access not only works on the DVD Player on the PC but.
  • With the Tool IsoBuster can read out the data carrier, in some cases, read - even if it is damaged. The program aborts the read after each scratch, so that you can copy the data on your Computer.
  • Note: The necessary basic features of IsoBuster are free, the paid functions are not needed.
IsoBuster: CD/DVD on the PC to save

Broken CD/DVD with toothpaste self-repair

Small scratches on the polycarbonate protective layer allow the laser light to break, so that the CD is no longer readable. By means of toothpaste, a small part of the protective layer is removed and the depth of the scratch so reduced.
  1. For the repair of only white toothpaste works best. Colored additives hinder the repair.
  2. Take a small DAB of toothpaste and RUB them with a kitchen paper in the bottom of the CD. Run gentle from, circular movements.
  3. After a Minute, you can stop the treatment. Let the tooth paste now work for a further Minute.
  4. Wash the disk and dry it. If possible, use lukewarm water. The CD/DVD must be completely dry before it is used again.
CD/DVD disc repair with toothpaste

A professional repair data carrier readable again

  • Video stores know the Problem with scratched CDs and DVDs well. In most shops you can make your own disk for a couple of euros in a professional and, therefore, a much more thorough clean. This video counters use special cleaning machines.
  • Such machines you can purchase also. The Q-Sonic repair kit PRO III costs around 30 Euro and comes with several attachments and solutions for cleaning and repair.
Q-Sonic CD-repair kit PRO III
The CD is neither read out nor fix, read the next tip, how to use the data from a broken CD/DVD rescue.