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Graphics card is too hot - what can I do?

  • Aug 10, 2020
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What you can do if your graphics card is too hot, we will show you in this guide.

Graphics card too hot - so you go to the Hardware

  • First, check whether the cooler of the graphics card, as well as all of the rest of the fan and cooler work in your PC easily. The individual parts should be defective, repair or replace this.
  • You rid the inside of your computer including the video card and heatsink from dust and dirt - best to be careful with a vacuum cleaner or a compressed air Spray. Here you will find specific tips for Cleaning the PC fan.
  • Also, ensure that all components of your computer are correctly connected to each other.
Graphics card too hot: Important tips

Graphics card overheating - Software-settings

  • You use a Software for the temperature measurement. Are suitable for this such as "GPU-Z" or "FurMark".
  • In conspicuously high temperatures, especially without strong strain by games or similar Software - should you leave the device either by a specialist check and if necessary replace or add a heat sink to purchase.
  • If you bring the limit of the graphics card regularly on their performance, it is quite possible that the GPU overheated in the process. In Games or graphics-hungry programs, you should the screws be the graphics settings down - for example, by the resolution or 3D-Rendering-change options.
  • Overheated your graphics card, in spite of working cooler and without great strain by games or similar, you should let you send it in and replace it if necessary.
It is also recommended that you have your video card check for errors. For instructions, see the next tip.