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Apple Airport Express setup - how to

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Airport Express is a smart service from Apple. How to set up this quick and easy read in this practical tip.

To set up your Airport Express

  1. You connect the Airport Express Station with the power grid.
  2. Start the Airport utility and select the left of the detected Station.
  3. Confirm the question whether you want to change the network.
  4. You give the Station a name and password.
  5. Select in the following window select the Option "My AirPort Express to join the network, and My AirPort Express to join a wireless network".
  6. Then, select the network or the Router, with the AirPort Express via Wi-Fi to connect.
  7. Select the encryption mode and enter the corresponding password.
  8. Now, you can get an Overview of all the settings. With a click on "Update" to set up the Station ready.
Setting up an Airport Express
In a further practical tip we will show you the differences in the Apple-Airport-versions Extreme and Express.