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External hard drive not responding - what to do?

  • Aug 14, 2020
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No longer, responds to your external hard drive can have numerous causes. The solutions are sometimes quite simple - we will show you the most promising solutions.

Solutions: External hard drive not responding

  • Check cable: first, you should check the cable. A Broken or loose connection here, the Problem is resolved quickly.
  • USB-problems: The free Tool USB Troubleshooter with a variety of sources of error and demonstrates how the potential problems of check and eliminate.
  • Other Tools: the nothing helped, you can make your hard drive any way with the programs HD Tune or test disc to repair. With the why restorer2000 is , the data may also still be saved.
External hard drive repair

External hard drive not responding: data recovery and repair

You can't solve the Problem yourself, you Save the data and/or a professional repair.
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer will replace in warranty the hard drive, but usually not back up the data. Almost no manufacturer offers such a Service.
  • Data save: To save your data, you can take the external hard drive from the enclosure and connect it to a Desktop PC is plug it in. In many cases, the data can be read out and transferred.
  • Repair: There are companies which are specialized on the rescue disks. But could the price for you, however, at least a new hard drive to buy.
  • Hardware malfunction: In many cases, often local electronics can help businesses that have a small workshop. In our Test, we have an external hard drive with a broken USB connector repair. All data remained on the hard disk.
Why the "safely Remove" external hard drives is so important, we can tell you in this practical tip.