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FIFA 13: money on the Ultimate Team mode

  • Aug 07, 2020
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To be able to have a good team in the Ultimate Team game mode in FIFA 13 to buy, you need to earn money. Here you will learn how to come up with the exchange of cards relatively quickly to coins. The Whole thing works via the Web App EA Sports a bit more convenient than using the PS3 transfer market.

What you should note in the case of auctions in FIFA 13

In order to sell the auctioned cards in Ultimate Team mode as profitably as possible, you should observe the following rules in principle:
  • You are bidding on the cards to traffic-poor times, for example, early in the morning on weekdays. The number of Mitbietern is then at its lowest, the seller must be based on the market and the players and sell the cards much cheaper.
  • You sell the auctioned cards in the evening or on the weekends. The greater the demand, the more coins you can earn with your card.

Earn money through the sale of Fitness cards

Fitness-cards in Ultimate Team are generally high in the course: Many UT-players always have the same starting line-up accrue and will need to supply the exhausted team then every two to three games with Fitness cards. The profit margin can be up to 1000 coins per card:
  • You are bid for the team Fitness cards for about 1500-2000 coins.
  • You sell the Trading Cards with prices ranging between 2200 and 2800 coins.
Fitness-cards-auction in FIFA 13.

FUT player Ultimate-Team-Database compare

The "Ultimate Team Database" under http://ultimatedb.nl/ you can use the market value of the popular FUT players to watch in real time. At the time of testing PS3-users gave for Milan striker Mario Balotelli is in its basic version, for example, an average of about 18000 coins. Among other things, the following, you can see the analysis:
  • Depending on the Formation of the game varies in value. The expensive players are the most in the popular 4-1-2-1-2 lineup.
  • The retail value varies between 12000 and about 50000 coins. The absolute highlight was on a Saturday, the 23. March achieved.
  • Depending on set-up and auction time, you can estimate by using the database, when you make a real bargain and release a player without hesitation, pull can.
FUT-market-value analysis: ultimatedb.nl
This practice tip is related to current FUT-transfer-market-prices of the PS3. Under http://ultimatedb.nl/ also, the market values on the XBOX 360 and the PC Version of FIFA is analyzed. The Demo of the PC Version you can find here for Download. FIFA 13 is also available as a iPhone / iPad App.