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StarCraft II: Secret Level unlock

  • Aug 12, 2020
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In "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty," can you unlock the Secret Level "insights". This tells you a lot about the background story of the game. Here you will learn how to turn off the Mission without any problems, and secrets to uncover that will also be in the "Heart of the Swarm" is still of importance.

So you get to the Secret Mission of the "insights"

While Blizzard designed it in Diablo always rather complicated to open the secret Level, get it done in "StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty," a relaxed addition to your daily business. You simply need to finish the Mission "special message" (original title: "Media Blitz") successfully, and meanwhile, the hidden secret documents that "insight" (original title: "Piercing the shroud") to appear on your mission map. The Mission does not work if you play "special message" about the archive again later, but only in the regular campaign flow.

Surprising "special message" with Thor's big brother Odin

In the Mission "special message" to control you, among other things, the powerful unit of Odin, with the tap of a Propaganda System, soft before you roll over it with their army completely. You play the first few minutes quite regularly. For the hunt for the secret documents you have freer in stress the second part enough time. Once the surprise attack is over and you have control over your base, not send a raiding party - for example, the Odin - to the minerals far to the North. You destroy the opportunity to direct the enemy command center. Then move your army in the well-hidden passage behind the mineral field.
Behind the minerals ...

Memories of Brood war Was to bring insights

Send your squad across the bridge to the small island in the South-East. Here you can find a single building, the StarCraft veterans already know from the previous Games: a scientific Institute. In the red colors of their adversary, the enemy seems to be it. But automatically, your troops will not attack and even if you click on the building it chooses, just as it would be neutral. To destroy it is, nevertheless, force, therefore, the attack on the building. You select your troops, press depending on the quick buttons-Layout "A", "T", or the set button to the attack command, and then click the scientific Institute.
... the sought-after building

The secret documents open the Secret Level in StarCraft II

You have destroyed the building will appear in front of the mysterious secret documents, the collection easily with one unit. Now you need to finish the Mission normally, by switching off the three transmission towers. Then you can plunge directly into the secret Mission and bring light into the darkness.
There, the documents are
During the secret Mission has delighted in "Wings of Liberty" a countless number of players, the players of the "Heart of the Swarm" will be empty. So if you have completed the campaign to Zergkönigin Kerrigan, and now in desperate need of an additional Level, you will be unfortunately disappointed. To all appearances, there is not the to date.


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