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StarCraft II: The best Cheats

  • Aug 04, 2020
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Blizzard's tough when players cheat in StarCraft II online. But the fun can make the best Cheats in single-player mode, supports the company with enthusiasm. As you clear the table with a few entries in "Wings of Liberty" and "Heart of the Swarm" completely, read here.

Ten Cheats for every Situation

With these Cheats, you can make it easier for every hairy Situation in the single-player mode against Bots or in the campaigns of the "Wings of Liberty" and "Heart of the Swarm". Press Enter in game and enter the Cheat of your choice. Resource bonuses, technology leaps, to the Instant-win everything:
  1. TookTheRedPill - Turns off fog of war
  2. Bunker55AliveInside - No power supply needed for your units
  3. HanShotFirst - Disables the cooldown of Spells
  4. WhoRunBartertown - Gives you 5000 units of each resource
  5. IAmIronMan - Boosts on weapons, armor, and shield level 1
  6. SoSayWeAll - Allows the unrestricted use of all technologies
  7. CatFoodForPrawnGuns - Enabled, quick to Build and quick Upgrades
  8. MoreDotsMoreDots - All units and building free to be built
  9. Terrible terrible damage - Makes your units invulnerable
  10. WhatIsBestInLife - Instant Win

Accelerate the Story mode with these five Tricks

Some of the official Cheats are only meant for the campaign and a special effects switch here free as additional research points:
  1. Leave your sleep - unlocks all missions and makes them freely available
  2. StayClassyMarSara - Granted access to all editions of the UNN-news
  3. EyeOfSauron - Granted access to all cutscenes
  4. Horadric cube - Gives access to all research projects
  5. WhySoSerious - Gives 5,000,000 In Credits

A special Cheat for special situations

In the campaign you need to collect the rare Terrazin, but of players-designed cards you could need and maybe more. Specifically, there is the Cheat "Jaynestown", which gives you 5000 Terrazin.

Better Viking fly-in Lost with these 10 Cheats for "StarCraft II"

Also, the mini-game Lost Viking, you play in the canteen of the Hyperion in Wings of Liberty, you can affect with Cheats is strong. Here, too, just press in the course of the game, the Enter key and enter the Cheat.
  1. -NOQUIT - hide the Quit Button
  2. score X - Gives you X points
  3. -end - Shows the final sequence
  4. sine - Displays the sine values of three angles: 180, 90, and pi degrees
  5. -Level clear - Quits the current Level
  6. behind a wave of Enemies to appear
  7. -BOSS - Make the boss appear
  8. -pu Is a Power-Up in the middle of the screen appear
  9. -ADDLIFE - Gives you a life
  10. -LIFE - Sets the Life count to 10
Note that you can be facilitate with Cheats the game, although strong, but also not Be rewarded. To enable this for the campaign again, you must load a save before the Cheat activation or completely start from scratch. In the case of individual Play that affects only the corresponding round. In the next you can hunt lot of Achievements.