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Sumac-replacement: to replace the spice

  • Aug 06, 2020
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Is sumac in a recipe, you will find no adequate substitute for this spice. It has a very unique flavor that you can't compensate for other spices. How you can manage nevertheless, if you do not have sumac in the house, read here.

Sumac-replacement - unfortunately, there is no

Sumac is a spice from the Oriental kitchen.

  • High-quality sumac is from the crushed fruit of the Dyer's tree won.
  • The spice has a very fruity, slightly tart and lemony-sour taste.
  • Less high high-quality sumac is often offered with salt mixed in.
  • In fact, you can replace the spice in a dish adequately. You can only produce approximately similar tastes.

Sumac may by lemon replace

Even if sumac has a slight lemon flavour, you can replace it really is by lemon.

  • Then the other shades of this versatile spice is missing.
  • At least the part of the light lemon flavor you can use lemon to replace it.
  • This goes through a few drops of lemon juice. Better the abrasion of the lemon peel is suitable. Make sure that the lemons ungespritzt and from a Bio-production are.
Rare spice from the fruit of the Dyer's tree: A real-sumac-replacement there is not
(Image: Pixabay)

Lighter is a substitute for cardamom to find. What are the Alternatives you can use instead of this spice, you will learn in our next kitchen tip.