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Chocolate glaze - so it works perfectly

  • Aug 11, 2020
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If the cake or the cookies are done, only the perfect chocolate glaze is missing as a little Extra. However, it is not so easy. We explain to you what to observe.

So you make the perfect chocolate glaze

To make the perfect chocolate glaze, is not so easy, because you should not be too thick, nice and Shine, be evenly distributed and also taste good. We give you the best advice.

  • Ingredients (for a cake): 250g dark chocolate, 50g Butter or Margarine, 1 TBSP coconut oil or sunflower oil or alternatively cream
  • Best suitable for the chocolate glaze dark chocolates from 60 percent cocoa solids, since the taste result will then be the best. The use of milk chocolate is also possible.
  • You can start the preparation with the Heating of water in a pot. Make sure that the water is boiling, otherwise the temperature is too hot for the chocolate.
  • Enter the chopped chocolate along with the Butter or Margarine in a metal bowl and set this over the hot water. Make sure that the chocolate bowl touches the water. The easiest way is with a special melting pots.
  • Let the chocolate and Butter slowly at a low temperature to melt and stir regularly. If the Chocolate mixture gets too hot, the chocolate its gloss and is subsequently grey. Also, be careful not to get water in the chocolate.
  • When everything is well mixed, take the bowl from the water bath. For a particularly beautiful Shine, you can then add a tablespoon of Oil, such as coconut oil or a tablespoon add the cream and stir well.
  • Then the preparation of the chocolate glaze is finished and it goes to the Application. The pastry should be cooled completely so the chocolate can dry faster.
  • In the case of Muffins, the best method to immerse each of the pieces in the chocolate mass. In the case of biscuits, they work best with a pastry brushin the cake pour the chocolate in the middle and spread it using a large spoon or spatula to the outside.
  • Small bumps and blunders in the chocolate glaze can be repaired in the end even by a slight Anföhnen the spot.