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Chocolate to decorate: The best ideas

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Cookie baking and decorating at Christmas time is not only fun for children, just as much fun, the Whole prepared with chocolate. We provide you with the most beautiful ideas for Decorating your personal favorite chocolate.

So you decorate your own chocolate

We will show you how you should Decorate your favorite chocolate to do this and what ingredients are particularly good.

  • Before Decorating you need to melt your chocolate in a Bain-Marie. Mix of the usual chocolate with chocolate, so the chocolate at the end of a nice consistency.
  • Fill the liquid mass to a sheet metal or a suitable chocolate mold and the Decorating can begin.
  • The imagination has no limits, both for the ingredients as well as in the arrangement. The decoration should only be dry. Fresh fruits or liquids of any kind are therefore not suitable.
  • Particularly suitable are, for example: Different colored chocolate, dried fruits, but also nuts, seeds, sea salt, spices such as dried Oregano, biscuits, pretzels, sugar sprinkles, gummy bears, coconut, coffee beans , or crackers and petals are a beautiful decoration.
  • Try out in different combinations and discover the chocolate, so maybe a new favorite.
  • Also, in the arrangement, you can be creative. For example, write out the ingredients with a small message or a small image.
  • At the end, press your decorative items very easily something in the chocolate, so that everything keeps well. When the chocolate is completely dried, you can break them into pieces and soak yourself or a beautifully packaged gift.