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Rewe delivery service: How much tip should you give

  • Aug 02, 2020
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If you ran in the Rewe service order, will soon be confronted with the question of how much drinking should receive money, the driver. In this article you will learn what are the duties of this.

A tip for Rewe delivery service

Tipping in Germany is something of a social obligation. Legally, no one has seen, however, a claim. It is always paid voluntarily by the customer.

  • A statement of the gratuity is set out in ยง 107 Abs. 3 of the commercial code of 2005 was recorded. There is that tipping is an amount that will be paid in the absence of a legal obligation, in addition.
  • In Germany is given as a rule of thumb is usually 10 percent of the amount as tip. The higher the amount, the Rewe delivery service is, the higher the tips will be so money.
  • Because it is here customary to pay a tip, do it in the most customers. Are you afraid of, otherwise than stingy or to make himself unpopular. Also in front of the family and Acquaintances you would like to make a good impression.
  • An upper limit for the gratuity does not exist. If you are particularly satisfied and have enough money, you can give the Rewe delivery service is also more than 10 per cent tip.
  • Tips can also be given when paying with the EC card. The final amount is then entered manually into the card reader. However, it is preferred to tip in cash.