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Alcohol runny nose: What to do?

  • Aug 07, 2020
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What can you do when alcohol cold, many people is a mystery. After a long night, you Wake up with a cold, you want to get rid of back. We explain to them what you can do about it.

Alcohol runny nose: What you can do about it

The most useful method to combat the alcohol runny nose is making you sober. These are not regular consumption of alcohol, and then cure themselves.

  • Alternatively, you can fight by using a conventional nasal spray against the swelling in the nose. Here, however, caution is advised, excessive use of nasal spray can quickly search.
  • Mistakenly, many people think that alcohol runny nose with an Allergy equate is. Unlike an Allergy, this is not directly the substance histamine for a runny nose, but your body's reaction to the alcohol itself.
  • You have been drinking alcohol, the effect it has on your intestines and your stomach. The result is thatThe recording ability of the two bodies increases and the mucous membranes are more susceptible to pathogens.
  • The trigger for other allergies may accumulate, the better in the body and cause the feeling to be sick.
  • Do you suffer from Asthma, you are cold in General more prone to an Alcohol. This is because alcohol stimulates your blood circulation, and thus, the blood vessels of your nasal mucosa is expanded, so that it swells.
  • Another factor that is often used for a swollen nasal mucosa is responsible, is an Overproduction of the natural substance "histamine". For the removal of the enzyme "diamine Oxidase" is responsible. This, however, is disrupted by the alcohol.
  • An alcohol no infection is a runny nose actually, due to the swollen nasal mucous membranes, it feels only like a cold. The alcohol is broken down, you can breathe freely again.

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