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Chocolate for cough - the delicious candy helps

  • Aug 10, 2020
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Chocolate for cough: With a latch, a Scratch chocolate spiriting in the neck, is tempting. We explain to you what is behind it.

Chocolate for cough: the candy soothes the cough

Chocolate as medicine sounds beguiling. We explain to them, in which case chocolate for your cough can relieve.

  • A British scientist brought up the topic on the table: A piece of chocolate with a high cocoa content - the best so very dark chocolate - slowly to suck, can cough effectively relieve.
  • If you try it yourself, and actually a relief to feel, could be the mechanism of action behind the stick: The melted chocolate to create a protective film on your irritated mucous membranes.
  • The chocolate film shields the nerve endings that trigger the urge to cough. A simple and plausible theory.
  • In fact, has already been shown in previous studies that the cocoa contained Alkaloid theobromine cough, and uncomfortable Burning relieve can, if the artificial, sharp irritant, Capsaicin in the throat sprayed is.

Chocolate more effective than cough syrup?

In studies it was also investigated whether theobromine can take cough syrup, the cough breastfeeding active ingredient codeine contains.

  • The investigations showed that the medium with Cocoa ingredients at least as effectively as codeine-containing medication and without any side effects.
  • Whether or not the results speak well but more for chocolate and cocoa as an effective Anti-cough agent, or codeine-containing cough syrup - about Controversies are still going on.
  • In addition, it is doubted, whether the amount of active ingredients in chocolate is not enough for an effect. Finally, a treatment should not invite to the chocolate-sugar shock get out of hand.
  • In the above-mentioned trial of theobromine is about 1000 mg were co-administered gram. Unsweetened dark chocolate contains about 30 grams of 400 milligrams, dark sweet 150 to 200 milligrams, and milk chocolate is about 60 to 80 milligrams of theobromine.
  • An Argument for the chocolate, By eating the level of serotonin is increases, which is known for good mood. Positive feelings are based, in turn, the immune system.
  • Therefore, you can try it with a few pieces of chocolate as soon as you feel a slight Scraping in the throat. Test whether dark chocolate helps you.
Especially the eating of dark chocolate for a cough to have a cough-inflammatory effect.
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