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Smoke detectors: replace the battery - you need to pay attention to

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Almost every smoke alarm you have to switch at some point the battery. As such a device indicating that a battery change is required and what you must take into consideration, we have summarized for you in this article.

Replacing the battery in the smoke detector you should pay attention to

In the majority of länder in Germany, there are smoke detectors required.

  • In Germany, approved smoke detectors must meet certain criteria to a specific DIN standard. Such a device, for example, must be at least 30 days before the battery is empty, this acoustic report.
  • Then beeping of the smoke detector every 30 seconds and alerts you to the upcoming battery change. The Signal ends, if you have changed the battery.
  • Some models also have a flashing LED. However, there are also many devices in which a flashing display at the end of LED the operational readiness of the smoke detector. A look into the operating instructions gives information about the LED Signal.
  • Tip: A functioning smoke detector is for your safety. So, they rely not only on the signals of the device. Check the smoke detectors, ideally once a week on its function. To do this, it is sufficient to briefly press the test button on the smoke detector. It should then sound a beep.
  • Some of the smoke detectors, no battery change is possible. Then there is the so-called 10-year smoke detectors. These devices are now quite cheap, but need to be discarded and replaced when the battery power is low.
  • A battery change is required, before you can take this to the requirements of the manufacturer in the operating instructions. By the way, the standard for smoke alarms requires that the devices can not be closed without a battery. Remove the old battery, you need to use a new one.
  • It is recommended for the consumer world, the same type of battery again. You want to a longer period of time no more battery change, you can high-quality 9-Volt Lithium batteries use. This will keep for up to ten years.