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Pacifier - Yes or no? You need to know

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Pacifier - Yes or no? To this question, not only the spirits, but also many of the parents divorce. But why are so many parents ask themselves this question? We will clarify.

Pacifiers Yes or no – a question of Belief

For many parents, the pacifier is something of the Holy Grail – the small silicon Teat but soothes the Baby when it is restless. For others, it is just an additional habit that needs to be weaned the child later.

  • Babies are born with a natural sucking reflex to the world. That is, if you Suck at something, it means the only food intake, but also safety and security. Not in vain to sleep, many babies when Breastfeeding or Drinking from the bottle. Thus, a pacifier can have the same effect as the breast or the bottle.
  • For a pacifier saith that he calms the Baby. This can particularly be on-the-go advantage when Breastfeeding is just not possible, or if a vial does not handle is ready.
  • Against the pacifier is that it can result in still kids to a suction of confusion (incorrect Sucking at the breast). This in turn can have a negative influence on the milk production of the mother, and thus the weight gain of the baby. Therefore children is Still of a use of the pacifier in the first weeks is not recommended.
  • Against a pacifier saith that the children without a pacifier develop statistically inflammation seen less frequently in the middle ear.
  • En pacifiers can cause jaw misalignment. In addition, children who had a pacifier need frequent speech therapy treatment.
  • An important aspect that you should lead as a parent is always before his eyes: The use of a pacifier you have to raise the Baby. This is often a easy and hassle-free. It is different with the Habit. In many families, this leads to stressful times.
  • And then the pacifier would be there-Look in the night. Children with pacifier need that often at night, to fall asleep again. The child can't find the pacifier in the bed you need to help as parents. This can lead to multiple assignments per night.

You should pay attention to

If you want to give your Baby a pacifier, you should pay attention to some things.

  • Basically, you should avoid to give the pacifier out of convenience, with every little Sound your baby. You try to calm the Baby in other ways. Let it be your near feel.
  • You can use an orthodontic shaped pacifier made of flexible Latex.
  • If your Baby gets the first teeth, you should pay attention to their position. If the teeth grow in wrong, this can be due to the pacifier. Misalignment recognize you, especially on the upper incisors, which are often pushed by the pacifier permanently to the front. A dentist visit is recommended in this case.
  • If your child already speaks, you should make sure that it adopts when Speaking of the pacifier from the mouth. Otherwise, it can lead to speech problems such as Lisping.
  • With the Weaning, you should start from the second year of life. Then children's development are technically able to self – soothe, that is to say without tools.
  • Conclusion: Giving the pacifier only when necessary, not in the first weeks of life and only for a short time. This also facilitates the subsequent quitting of.
Pacifier-Yes or no: you should pay attention to
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