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Ambrosia-Pollen: news for Allergy sufferers

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Ambrosia Pollen to annoy more and more people with an allergic predisposition. The flowers of the introduced plant species many of the genes produce, and extend the Allergy season.

Ragweed Pollen are very aggressive

Meanwhile it is generally known that the "upright grape herb" is a very strong Allergy trigger that is also widely used in Europe now.

  • The Ambrosia is often involved in it, when for the first Time, allergic hay fever arises. This will result in more allergies to Asteraceae can mugwort, for example, arise.
  • In General, Ambrosia count-Pollen is a strong allergen. You can already trigger in the low concentration reactions.
  • 5 to 10 Pollen of the Plant per cubic meter of air is enough to provoke hay fever symptoms. This is 10 times less than in the case of a birch pollen Allergy.
  • A single ragweed plant produces up to a billion Pollen grains. These can be transported by Wind over long distances.
  • The main pollen season starts in spring and ends in October. Inquire about Pollen calendar and Pollen-cards, such as the current Situation looks like.
  • Particularly climatically warmer regions of Germany are affected. The are Bavaria and Baden-W├╝rttemberg as well as the Eastern States such as Brandenburg.

Where the grapes herb comes from, and how to protect yourself

The Ambrosia was introduced some decades ago in North America, grain and bird feed in our Wide in. The Plant is in Germany, optimum climatic conditions, to spread out.

  • The plant takes a liking to the green strip next to roads and streams, as well as fallow land. You avoid the main flowering periods of the plants is in the vicinity of such areas, if you are sensitive.
  • You remove them from your garden in a timely manner all striking Ambrosia plants and dispose of in a plastic bag in the garbage.
  • They also make the neighbors and friends to the fight the attention of. There are already citizens ' initiatives to Eradicate this Plant.
  • During the main flowering period of the Ambrosia, you as a Affected, only the standard recommendations for hay fever Allergy sufferers or asthmatics to follow.
Ambrosia Pollen are found in the vicinity of areas with weeds increased
(Image: Pixabay)