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Smoke detector flashing red: you need to know

  • Aug 10, 2020
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Flashing your smoke alarm red, can have various causes. What you should with your model in mind here.

For this reason, your smoke detector is flashing red

The Blinking of a smoke detector usually has two different causes:

  • Some of the models on show by the red Flashing that the batteries need to be replaced. The Flash is in regular intervals by an acoustic warning signal accompanied.
  • The battery warning tone is heard and the red Flashing will occur in the first 30 days in front of the Empty of the battery. Then they should act and the battery as quickly as possible to replace.
  • In the case of the other smoke detectors it is Vice versa exactly. The red Flashing of the operational readiness of the device indicates.
  • Action is needed on these models only, if the Blinking of the smoke detector goes off. Then, if necessary, the batteries need to be replaced, or other Defect.
  • For more information on the Flash of your smoke detector can also be found in the operating manual of the respective device.


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