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Linen store: tips & ideas

  • Aug 14, 2020
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So that you can store linens properly, it is miscellaneous. So should sheets, Blankets and pillowcases will be quick to detect, but also as little space as possible to take away. Some of the suggestions you find in this article.

Cabinets & chests of drawers: storage of bed linen

Most people use cabinets or drawers, your linen store. In both cases, the question arises, however: How to put the bed stuff the best?

  • Classically, you can put all the bed covers folded in wardrobes and chests of drawers. Fitted sheets, the as unruly out, you can also roll them together.
  • The pile in the closet are you too cluttered? Then set the sheets upright in a transparent Boxthat you can easily from the cupboard out take can. The upright Position you have a better Overview of the bed linen.
  • Instead, you can keep matching bed linens together. You can use the pillowcase as a bag for the quilt and maybe a matching blanket. So you see on the pillow immediately, to which Set it is, and you can take it easily from the Cabinet.
  • The ideal storage space for your linens, a bed comes with the box.
  • Pretty and practical at the same time is also a bench seat with storage at the head of the bed, in the Blankets and pillows into the place and always in the vicinity of the bed ready to have.

There is no more space? To remedy the situation

You have a lot of bedding and find it in your cupboards no space to store it? Then it is a good idea to store the bedding seasonally.

  • You pack during the summer time light and airy bed linen at the ready in the closet.
  • The rest of the linen you can, for example, in a storage bag or a vacuum bag under the bed, in the attic or in the basement store until it is cooler and the linen exchange.
Sheets you can store in different ways.
(Image: Pixabay)