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Carpet dyeing: how to

  • Aug 15, 2020
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If you are dyeing a carpet, and want to breathe new life, no great effort needed. We will show you how you can refresh with just a few of your old carpets.

Carpet dyeing: materials and utensils

For the Dyeing of carpets and rugs you need only a little materials. Above all, minor and single-color carpets to Shine through the method in a new light.

  • Textile color: With a pack of fabric paint allows you to between 300g and 700g carpet fabric dyeing. So you need to weigh your carpet to know the required amount of color. For a more intense result, you should use either more or a dark color.
  • The Dyeing process takes place in the washing machine instead.
  • In order for your hands to discolor, you will need disposable gloves.
  • Caution! It is imperative to keep the Color on the Material of the carpet, because synthetic fibers such as Polyester or acrylic can't be dyed. Only carpets made of cotton, wool, silk, and hair of yarn can be provided on your own with a new shade.
  • Mixed fibres can also be dyed, and only these must be of a natural fiber content of at least 60 percent.
  • Also you need to check if your carpet can withstand a wash temperature of at least 40°C. This temperature is required for Dyeing.

So the Color manage

Don't be surprised if the result comes to be weaker from the machine as expected. The materials of the carpet can be very different in thickness and structure, which affects the Staining significantly.

  • Clean the carpet thoroughly and hang it to Dry on. This step is important, because otherwise the fibers may not absorb enough color.
  • Now, enter the rug in the washing machine and the corresponding number of packets of the color in the drum. Of course, you need to open it according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Close the door and set a gentle wash cycle with a temperature of 40°C. Turn off the spin cycle.
  • After the wash, it after washing again with clear water and hang the carpet then on the clothesline. Wear the best gloves.
  • Let the carpet dry before you put it back to its rightful place.
Such color results you can enable the textile colors in the Color of your carpets.