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Fashion jewelry clean: he is clean again

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Fashion jewelry is available in different colors and materials. Therefore, women wearing it as an accessory in everyday life. However, he is also quick dirty. How you can clean costume jewelry quite simply, we can tell you here.

To clean your fashion jewelry

Since fashion jewelry is not made of real materials was made, it can quickly be scratched, rusty or tarnished appearance. However, you can clean the jewelry pieces easily.

  • Was her fashion jewelry silver plated, you can use it with a silver cleaning cloth to re-clean polishing. This also applies to gold-plated parts.
  • Most of the fashion jewelry pieces are made of plastic. This allows you to, without hesitation, in warm water with a bit of Water to clean.
  • The Same goes for pieces of jewelry made of glass.
  • In the case of heavier soiling you can also use a very soft brush. You, however gently and not to press too hard to avoid damaging your jewelry.
  • Dry the jewellery last always good. A soft cotton hand towel is ideal for this purpose.
  • Also make sure that the fashion jewelry is never wet. Place the pieces so before bathing and do not keep them in damp areas like the bathroom.