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Alder Pollen information for Allergy sufferers

  • Aug 14, 2020
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The Pollen of alder can cause some people to have an Allergy. What you should know if you are allergic to the pollen of alder, we have summarized compact for you in this article.

Pollen of alder: What you should know as an Allergy-about

Alder (Alnus) belonging to the family of plants of the birch family, and according to a possible cross-Allergy with birch pollen. So it may be that in the case of strong birch pollen-allergic individuals, to the flowering of the alder first Allergy symptoms.

  • Alder trees have a moderate to high allergenic potency. The main season is from the end of February until the end of March.
  • Their flowering time, the outside temperature is 5°C exceeds permanently, from December to mid-may begins as soon as.
  • Signs of a Pollen Allergy swollen, reddened and watery eyes are mucous membranes, itching of the eyes, as well as the throat and nose. Increased Sneezing, and a swollen nose, the white is also on an Allergy towards.
  • Overall, resemble the symptoms of Allergy to those first cold symptoms with fatigue, malaise, and symptoms such as neck pain.
  • Acute Allergy with appropriate medication such as nasal sprays, tablets, or nose clips, the Pollen from the air filters, have been reduced.
  • In the longer term desensitization could be useful. This is injected over a period of time in specified intervals, a small amount of the Allergen so that the body can get used to it, and the pollen is not overly responsive.

How they know alder trees

Alders often grow in moist soils, such as on the Banks of rivers and lakes, but also on forest edges. A total of 34 of 35 alder species are widespread in the Northern hemisphere.

  • Are alder, summer-green trees, which do not always have to wear a bark or a bark. Depending on the type you have a deeply cracked, grey bark (alder) or a grey - shiny periderm surface (gray alder), which is used as a beef substitute.
  • The flowers of the alder form as a so-called kitten. In kittens only female or only male flowers are either available.
  • Alders are the only deciduous trees, their female kittens lignify in cones.
Pollen from the alder: The main flight period can start in December
(Image: Pixabay)

When and Where you as an Allergy-particularly at risk are found on the CHIP pollen map.