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Kitchen knife: 5 types, which should have everyone at home

  • Aug 13, 2020
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Peel or roll the Dice, the style of your kitchen knife is crucial. In a well-equipped kitchen knife should also be included. We will show you five types of kitchen knives that should be present in every kitchen.

Kitchen Knife Types: The Chef's Knife

The chef's knife is the kind of kitchen knife, which should not be missing in any kitchen.

  • With the chef's knife you can cut almost all food.
  • It is suitable both for coarser foods such as meat or vegetables, as well as for finer Work, such as the Dice of onions.
  • Chef's knives are available in different lengths and price ranges. From € 20 starting, may increase the price up to several hundred Euro.

The Tourne Knife

The Tourne knife is designed for more specialized Work.

  • Tournier knife has a small blade, which has a noticeable curved shape.
  • Due to this curved shape, the Tourne knife is used almost exclusively to Peel.
  • Tournier knives are not very expensive. The prices usually start at less than 20 euros.
The Tourne knife is designed for Peeling.
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The Bread Knife

The bread knife is also a special area of responsibility.

  • Bread knives are very long and have a scalloped edge.
  • Due to the serrated edge, the bread knife is perfectly suitable for pastry crust.
  • Due to the size and of the wave-cut are the bread knife a little more expensive.
With a bread knife, you can crusts particularly easy to cut through.
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The Cheese Knife

Cheese knife is available in two versions.

  • Hard cheese knife has a short and broad blade. This makes them robust and compact to slice very hard cheese
  • Soft cheese knives have a long, thin blade with cutouts. As a result, the friction is reduced to soft cheese well cutting.
  • The two cheese knives are often used in Sets of around 20 Euro offered.
Cheese knives are often sold as a Set.
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The Office Knife

The office knife is a utility knife.

  • With the paring knife, you can cut a lot of different food. It is especially suitable for smaller things, such as mushrooms or onions.
  • Furthermore, you can peel it with a paring knife is also good.
  • Office knife you get for around 20 euros.
With a paring knife, you can cut quite all the food.
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