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Last contact in WhatsApp - what does that mean?

  • Aug 14, 2020
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"Last contact" or "Perm. online" - you will see This message for WhatsApp in the Chat under the name of each contact. But what does this mean? Also your WhatsApp friends in your profile, this information. Here you will find the explanation.

The "last contact" in WhatsApp tells you-Messenger

The details of "Last contact" or "Perm. online" are to be equated with the term "Last seen". This Online Status does not show when a Person last had contact with one other through WhatsApp, but only when the WhatsApp Messenger has been opened for the last Time on the device. A chat partner is currently active, this is indicated by "online" in the status bar. The last contact to WhatsApp is a friend but months, can you not conclude that he uses the Messenger may not, and should rather rely on the "old-fashioned" phone call or the classic SMS.

"Last contact" in WhatsApp to hide - Is that possible?

Also her "Last contact" does not remain in front of your WhatsApp contacts hidden. How to do this on the iPhone and Android Smartphone and for more privacy worries, you will learn in practice tip "Last seen hide on WhatsApp".