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Images in Instagram delete

  • Aug 09, 2020
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Are shared images in Instagram quickly, but how can they be deleted? We will show you how you can every posted photo in a snap to remove.

Android and iOS: how to delete images on the go

Your shared Instagram photos you can delete with a few simple steps directly from your Smartphone. The only prerequisite is the Instagram App for Android and iOS is available.
  1. Open the Instagram App on your device and switch to the right tab. You will be directed to your current Instagram profile.
  2. Here you will see all your shared pictures. Select the photo to be deleted with one click.
  3. Now click on the three horizontal dots below your image.
  4. Select in the following window, the "Delete" (see Screenshot) and confirm the next Dialog, again click on "Delete".
  5. You have deleted the image now successfully from Instagram. You may need to refresh your News Feed, so that the picture disappears here as well.
Instagram-delete images
Practice tip refers to Instagram 3.4.4 on Android 4.1.2.