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Christmas greetings via WhatsApp - the best sayings and pictures

  • Aug 09, 2020
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On the Internet you will find a large selection of sayings, pictures, and Videos that you can send by WhatsApp Christmas greetings. We show you the best finds in this practice tip.

WhatsApp Christmas greetings for friends and family

The following spells can simply copy and send by WhatsApp send. You want to a spell to multiple contacts send, is it worth it to Create a Broadcast list in WhatsApp.

  • To the letter, it is not enough; that is very painful. My Christmas greeting is short, but really warm!
  • Christmas to You, stands in front of the door, a dear greeting I am sending! Stay well, be taken on all days, but not overload the stomach.
  • Are you in the Christmas season already? And I'm looking for a donkey for the Nativity scene.
  • Dear Santa: I wish for this year is a fat Bank account and a slim body... And PLEASE don't swap like last year!!!
  • Pronto Pronto, that should suffice. I wish you a merry Christmas and of course a lot of pleasure.
  • Advent, Advent, is your Smartphone burning. First the antenna, then the buttons and finally the whole box. Also, the battery is then wide, you know, it's Christmas time!
  • Christ child, Christ child good guest. Did you bring me anything? You what, then sit down, you have nothing, then go right back!
  • Dear good Santa Claus, give me the cake man, not too big and not too small, I want to be like. Give me a little, and I cry!
  • The tree burned, gift forget the goose is also eaten already. And on the table only stupid gifts, well, then a nice Christmas eve!
  • Goose liver, carp, ham, ice cream, sweets and sparkling wine to drink, everyone gives Christmas its meaning. Only the figure that is then.

WhatsApp Christmas greetings: The best sayings and pictures

  • There are a number of sayings that you can send to Christmas via Whatsapp. Have a look on the pages Weihnachtswuensche.com, taunts.co and Status-sprueche.net to.
  • Tip: you can also be creative and create your own funny sayings to Christmas writing. To friends, colleagues and Relatives certainly good. You see, the Proverbs, therefore, as a first suggestion.
Christmas greetings for Whatsapp

Christmas picture greetings for Whatsapp

For the WhatsApp Messenger images are particularly well suited. We will show you which images are currently the most Christmas spirit in the case of WhatsApp to spread.

  • Wunderwuensche.de offers a festive selection of images. Alternatively, the web pages Lachmeister.de, Linkpix.de and Statusbilder.de interesting.
Christmas pictures via Whatsapp

WhatsApp: These Videos bring you in the Christmas mood

  • In addition to slogans and images, you can also send Videos to Christmas. In the case of tippsundtricks.net you will find about a selection of popular and funny-Christmas-Videos.
  • With the ElfYourself App you can also private fun Video to create, and then to Christmas to send to your friends.
Christmas Videos for Whatsapp

After Christmas, they go straight In the next article, we will show you the best new year's eve greetings for WhatsApp.