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Android rooting - how to

  • Jan 16, 2021
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You want to uninstall, for example, unused System Apps, is this only with a "rooted" Smartphone. How can you Root access on Android, erlangen, you will learn in this practical tip.

What are the benefits of Rooting offer?

At the Root you will get the highest possible access rights on your Android device. For example, you may want to uninstall unused System Apps, a separate Animation at the Start of the device setting, and much more.

Android Smartphone rooting

Samsung devices rooting

An Android Smartphone to root can be done in various ways. In the case of Samsung Smartphones, the service can "Odin" to use.

  1. First download the Chainfire auto root Website or from the newer firmware.mobi-page is a suitable Root-Kit for your device.
  2. Then boot your Smartphone in Download mode. This is either by key combination (Home + Power + volume down) or by ADB command ("adb reboot download").
  3. Connect the device directly to your PC/Laptop. Do not use Hubs. This can sometimes lead to errors.
  4. Then start the Odin Software, select the appropriate Root Kit and flash the file.
  5. After a reboot, your Smartphone is rooted.

Android Smartphone rooting

You don't have the Samsung, there are different ways to root your device.

  • In General, you simply flash a suitable Root-Kit on a Custom Recovery.
  • Relatively well known is the SuperSUPackage on almost all devices works.
  • A practical Alternative is Magisk. This service offers the additional advantage that other Apps can see that the device is rooted.
  • To install you boot, select Recovery mode, (in TWRP) or "Install" and install the ZIP file. You can then restart your device.
  • They are more technically gifted, you can also, alternatively, on a "One-Click-Root"Apps such as king root or TowelRoot to draw, you only need to install to your Smartphone to root. However, the depth of the Root access is not as good as classical methods and these are also error-prone.

You have no experience with Android and want to car still try? In this case, we recommend our more detailed Version to the Root of your Android Smartphones.