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Life of QLED in the case of monitors and TVs

  • Jan 13, 2021
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In the multimedia area QLED technology is currently in Vogue. What service life at a new TV or Monitor, you expect to learn in our practical tip.

Life of QLED screens

Both TVs as well as monitors are now using QLED technology is offered. Exact Figures are not available yet. In General, you can assume that the lifespan is more than 100,000 hours.

  • The "Q" in QLED is "Quantum Dots". What is meant is that this is not provided, the special plastic film between the LED Backlight and the LCD Panel, as in the case of OLED with organic semiconductor materials.
  • Instead, this film is a QLED-Display with tiny nanoparticles in different sizes are stocked. Quantum Dots to quantum dots emit colored light when they are irradiated with high-purity blue LED light.
  • Through this technology, the screens are significantly less susceptible to UV-radiation, moisture or oxygen, such as OLED in the case. Consequently, the service life of a QLED screen, potentially higher than the lifetime of OLED Displays.
QLED - Higher service life thanks to modern technology

Conclusion: Especially in case of intensive use QLED brings significant advantages. The Display technology is not, however, solely responsible for the longevity of the device. In our next post we will explain you how you can the life span of televisions to assess and improve can.