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Sneak Preview-prediction - So you know what's coming

  • Jan 26, 2021
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Many cinemas regularly offer Sneak Previews. In this case, a Film is shown, coming out in the future yet to come. The viewer does not know until the beginning of the Strip, which is shown. Here you can read where you can find a Sneak Preview of the forecast.

Sneak Preview of the forecast so you know what to expect

The Sneak Preview is a popular idea, the offer the most of the cinema chains in your program Repertoire. The anticipation of visitors is usually large. You caught a horror movie? A Comedy? Or is it an Action Thriller? All the more disappointing, then, when a children's film will be shown. Here you can read, where you on the Sneak Preview-forecasts to inform.

  • Score 11 is a page, which is not only a prediction it makes, which is the movie in the Sneak Preview would work, but it also provides a review of the films.
  • MySneak offers alongside the Ranking for the Sneak Preview of the forecast is also a prediction game on. Here User can bet on which films will be shown.

These cinema chains to offer Sneak Previews

Netflix, Amazon Prime and co. have done the Sneak Preview, no crash. The unexpected movie night is a Magnet for a popular audience. Click here to read an excerpt of what cinema chains to offer a Sneak Preview.

  • Cinemaxx
  • Cineplexx
  • Citydome
  • Cinema
  • Cinestar
  • Also many independent cinemas offer Sneak Previews. For information, you ask just once at the checkout or inform yourself on the respective website.