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TeamViewer: The 3 best Alternatives

  • Jun 29, 2020
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Using TeamViewer you can remotely control other computers. The 3 best Alternatives to this program you will find in this practical tip.

TeamViewer Alternative 1: AnyDesk Free

  • Functions: The features of AnyDesk coincide with those of TeamViewer: you can either share your screen or control other computer remotely.
  • Handling: in practice, the Tool does not install, but just start and get started. To be able to remotely perform maintenance, enter the ID and the corresponding password.
  • Conclusion: this is a Quick program, no Installation required and all the necessary Features - Download.
  • If your Computer mobile remote control, and offers AnyDesk is also a free Android and iOS App, the you this allows.
AnyDesk Free instead of Teamviewer
(Image: Screenshot)

TeamViewer Alternative 2: Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Features: the Browser AddOn Chrome Remote Desktop lets you third-party computer or remote control. You install the extension directly from the Chrome Browser.
  • Handling: After you install in Chrome, you get assigned a Code. Enter this Code further, so that your PC can be remote controlled. Otherwise, enter the Code of your partner with the respective password to be able to connect.
  • Conclusion: remote maintenance directly from the Chrome Browser without any additional installations; ideal for users of Google Chrome directly to Download.
Chrome AddOn instead of TeamViewer
(Image: Screenshot)

TeamViewer-Alternative 3: Remote Desktop Manager

  • Features: Remote Desktop Manager has a similar functionality as Teamviewer and is easy to use. In addition to the Transmission of the screen, the program offers other functions of the remote control.
  • Handling: The program offers many features, which are listed in tabs and Office programs to remember. So a good handling is ensured in spite of extensive functions.
  • Conclusion: The program is clearly arranged and offers many useful features. However, a registration is for the free use of 30 days is required. Here, you will be directed to the Download.
Remote Desktop Manager instead of TeamViewer
(Image: Screenshot)

In the next practical tip we will show you how to make your iPhone as a remote control can.