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Garmin sat NAV voices download - click here

  • Jan 27, 2021
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Navigation devices from Garmin, with the individual voices of varied design. Unfortunately, there is not such a big selection such as for TomTom devices, for Garmin users benefit from a special program - and completely for free.

Individual voices for Garmin sat NAV download

  • On the Internet you can find practically just a sensible Download page for the Garmin-voices - and that is the Garmin website: On Garmin.com you will find some voices for your sat NAV such as the sports presenter Sven Pistor, or in the k├Âlsch dialect.
  • Further down the page there's also still some English voices, which, however, not with the German voice guidance to make use of.
  • The Installation is very easy and is on the Garmin web site in six easy steps explained.
  • Special tip: Instead of using a pre-built language pack to download, you can use the Free program Garmin voice Studio is also her own complete Set of record. Thanks to the Tool, you can make voice announcements of your product, completely free - even if you need a bit of patience and a good microphone for recording.
Garmin sat NAV voices download