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Fritz Fax set up - so it goes

  • Feb 27, 2020
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You want to set up your Fritz Fax, works this accessed with just a few hand. We will show you in this practice tip, how the device works.

Fritz Fax set up so it works

  1. First download the latest Version of Fritz Fax download and install the Tool.
  2. You can start the Tool after a successful Installation, and then select "settings" > "ISDN".
  3. Here you need to specify which calls to accept Fritz Fax.
  4. In the field "MSN" you must enter the call number to be used for sending faxes.
  5. Then activate in the "ISDN Controller" Option "Fritzbox trunk analog" or "Fritzbox trunk ISDN", depending on the connection.
  6. With a click on "OK" will save the options. Then select "Advanced settings".
  7. Here you need to enable the Option "Analog Fax (Standard)" so that the Fax is working properly.
  8. Click again on "OK" to save the settings. The Fritz Fax is now ready for use.
Fritz Fax set up
What to look for when Connecting a Fax machine should pay attention to, we can tell you in the next tip.