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Avira web protection check - how to

  • Oct 21, 2020
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The Avira web protection is one of the Premium Features of the paid virus protection Software. He link in the Google search dubious websites that most likely contain viruses. We will show you how you can activate this useful Tool.

So you can activate the Avira web protection

Open the Avira Antivirus In the field "Internet security" you will find the Option "browser protection" that you can activate with a click (de). But not always it works so easy. Often, the browser protection is not one click to activate.
Avira Web Protection

The browser protection have to manually enable

  • A prerequisite for the browser protection installed Antivir is Toolbar. During the Avira Installation, you may not have removed the hook in the Toolbar. Otherwise, you can change the "system panel" and "programs" Antivir and browser protection add them manually.
  • Should not be activated, despite the installed protection the function, you can start in the services of the application itself. To access the services via the Windows search with the keyword "services.msc". There you need to start the "Avira web protection".
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