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Faster in Nikon-camera menus to navigate

  • Aug 11, 2020
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In all of the Nikon camera menu is displayed, options to navigate quickly and effectively can be difficult. We will show you how to work around the Problem.

This Nikon camera menus to choose from

In the system settings of the Nikon cameras you have a choice between a Maxi and a mini menu that is limited to a few options. While the complete menu is too much of a Good thing, the stripped down to little. There is no reason to Despair: you can still use a third Option and even a menu to build, which contains the most important settings.

Make your own menu for Nikon cameras

  1. Navigate in the configuration menu of the camera to the Option "Opt. Ausw".
  2. Below, you can choose point-by-point, what setting should appear on the Display when you press the menu button.
  3. Create your personalized menu, you have your most-used options at a glance and need not look for long.
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