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Auto focus in DSLR: Nikon D7000 and Canon EOS 7D

  • Aug 09, 2020
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The auto-focus System of DSLR cameras as the Nikon D7000 or the Canon EOS 7D, you should use the various AF points.

Single-point AF, or focus on a group of points?

  • You set your camera to "single point AF" and select via the control pad or the Joystick, the box that is in front of your subject.
  • Models like the Nikon D7000 or the Canon EOS 7D to offer another useful function: In the case of these SLRs, it is in fact possible, in addition to a single point a group of points to select. Thus, it is not easier, moving map objects into focus, even if they are exactly in the desired image section.
  • Under difficult light conditions you should choose at entry-level SLRs, however, the center focus box, because often the only cross-type sensor of the camera can be found here.

Auto focus the subject, adjust it to Static or moving?

  • Modern auto focus systems work in General, very reliable. To achieve the perfect result, you should adjust the AF mode your subject. For static subjects (persons and objects) using the single-shot AF (Canon's "One Shot" is Nikon: "AF-S"). Moving subjects you shoot best with "Servo AF" (Nikon: "AF-C").
  • Usually your camera will focus when you press the shutter button halfway. Your object is moving quickly, it is often not very easy to bring Focus and shoot under a hat. In such situations, it makes more sense to put the focus on the camera menu to another key. Many models offer the possibility to set the auto - focus on the "AE Lock" button on the back of the camera. So you can focus with the thumb and the index finger trigger.
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