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Word: create Index

  • Jul 29, 2020
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How you can create in Word a table of contents, a keyword index and create Index. Only a few steps are necessary and the Index can always be expanded.

Word: 1. Keywords for the Index, select

First of all, you need to select all the keywords that you want to include in your Index.
  1. Select a term you want to include in your index.
  2. In the menu, click "references" on the "entry set".
  3. You decide whether you want to each take the same term in your document in the directory ("All set"), or if you just want to record the selected term in your Index ("Set).
  4. Now select successively all the terms that you want to include and click on the "Set" or "All Set".
  5. When you are finished, close the window by clicking on "Close".
Index in Word: keywords select

Step 2: Index in Word to create

When you have selected all of the terms, you can create the Index.
  1. Now type in the Heading "Index" at the place in the Text where you want to insert the Index.
  2. In the menu, click "references" in "Index" and set the number of columns.
  3. You decide whether you want to pay to put the page, flush right, or directly behind the entry.
  4. For right-aligned page numbers, select the fill character.
  5. Confirm the settings with "OK" to the keyword index insert.
  6. You can always (add as explained above) for more entries to the Index.
Customize an Index in MS Word
This practice tip was created for versions of Word from Word 2010. In the next article, we will show how a table of contents insert.


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