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Powerpoint: create slide show - how to

  • Aug 12, 2020
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With Powerpoint, you can also create a slide show. We will show you in this practice tip, how to do that.

Powerpoint: create slide show

All of the images you want to display in the slideshow, slide the best in advance in a separate folder.
  1. You open a presentation in Powerpoint, or create a New one.
  2. Go to "Insert" and under "illustrations" on the "photo album".
  3. In the open menu select "New photo album".
  4. From now click in "insert image" on the "file/disk".
  5. Select the location of your folder created and select with [CTRL] + [A] all of the images in the folder. Then click on "Insert".
  6. On "Create" will create your slide show. You can make your slideshow a little more special. For this purpose, click on "Create". We show in the next section, what are the options for the slideshow available.
Powerpoint - creating a slide show

Powerpoint slide show, individual design

In the "photo album"window, you can configure some settings.
  • Change in the image, the order of the images list using the arrow icons. Duplicate or unwanted images you can erase from the Show. To do this, select the image in the list and click "Remove".
  • About the Icons under the "preview" allows you to rotate individual images, as well as the brightness and the contrast increase/decrease.
  • Under "album layout" to select a specific "image layouts" how To "slide adjust". Also Browse different Designs in the slide show store and the Show so attractive.
Settings for the slide show
as an alternative to Powerpoint, you can also use OpenOffice to create a presentation.


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