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Excel table in Word insert

  • Aug 14, 2020
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An Excel table in Word is easy, if you did the Trick once out. There are two different ways to take your table in Word. Where the differences lie and what you need to consider in this process, read here.

The Excel table as an Excel table paste in Word

It is possible to copy an Excel table into your Word document and link to the source file. This means that further Changes in the source-file (Excel-table) are also updated in the Word document. And it goes like this:
  1. Copy them from your Excel document in the table by copying it with the Ctrl + C key combination or using the menu bar "Start" and "Copy" out.
  2. Now open your Word document and place the Cursor at the location of the Excel table to be inserted.
  3. Then go to see in the Screenshot, the "Start" and click on the arrow under "Paste".
  4. It is a Info open-box labeled "paste". Here you put the check mark in the "paste link" and select the first line "Microsoft Excel workbook object". Confirm the new setting with "OK". Make Changes in the original Excel document, will be copied simultaneously in your Word table.
Here you should note, however, that the table in Word now, no substantive Changes can be made. The overall size of the table can still be changed, also the style font color, or font style, nothing more can be changed. This you need to solve the Excel document.

The Excel table as a Word table insert

Here you will find the easiest way to take a table from Excel into Word. This can be in the Word document in style and content changed, but change something in the original Excel document, those Changes are not in the Word.
  1. Select the Excel table and copy it either by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C or the menu bar "Start" and "Copy".
  2. You put the Cursor at the location of your Word page, and the table to later lie and add add this one then use the shortcut Ctrl + V or click the clipboard on the "next" Button in Word.
These instructions apply to Microsoft Word 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2010.