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Photoshop drawing planes vs planes: The main differences

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Since 2015 it is in Photoshop CC, the function "character space", especially in the case of web designers is very popular. What exactly is it with the Photoshop character faces, and what is the difference between the levels, you will learn in this article.

A layer in Photoshop

A function that it has always been in Photoshop, and the editing of photos much easier, is the level. To make it easier to work with Photoshop, you can read here, once the basic things you need to know:

  • Layers function as transparent films, the superimposition can.
  • You can change the opacity of the individual layers decrease, what you for example, the work in the case of a photo montage can help.
  • You can change the order of the level change, and any existing duplicate layer.
  • You can levels of grouping, so you these together, for example, can move.
  • You can choose the type of display of the level change (for example, from "normal" to "soft light"), what you many ways of editing and photo manipulation is.
  • You can use layer masksto create, and so only parts of the level map, without deleting it permanently to.
  • You can levels of grids, so that you do not accidentally move.
  • If you add Text, it will automatically creates a plane.
  • Levels must not necessarily be deleted, but you can also just make the layer invisible.
The layers in Photoshop are a common Tool to edit your photos. (Image: Lisa Th√ľncher)

A drawing area in Photoshop

Character areas can be only for the CC Version of Photoshop to use, the 2015 were introduced. They have a completely different function than the levels, here again, the most Important thing for you in the Overview:

  • Character faces are especially for web designers suitable for your Websites for different devices want to optimize.
  • In the case of sign surfaces is a special type of layer group, which is also in the layers menu appear to be.
  • You can include layers and groups, but no other sign surfaces.
  • Visually the Whole thing as a kind of Mood Board displayedwith new sign faces to their existing folders can.
  • There are numerous formats from which your character faces can select or create your own Format to suit your needs.
  • Earlier, various documents are created, today, it is a documentin which different images are displayed. In other words: If you, for example, a single Website design want to, you can have your Designs next to each other in a document, see.
  • You can move the contents of the drawing area to a new copy, or.
Since Photoshop CC, you can now also use character areas. These are very popular among web designers. (Image: Screenshot)

The differences between layers and artboards

Both of these Tools are very helpful when it comes to image editing. Of course, there are some fundamental differences and capabilities, you should be aware of:

  • Levels you can use in all Photoshop versions, characters, areas there are, however, only in the CC Version.
  • Levels are slides for you on an existing image can. You have the same size, but the content, opacity, and the display change.
  • Sign surfaces need not necessarily be of the same size , so that, for example, a web site for the PC, the Tablet and the phone visually can customize.
  • Levels can contain any characters, spaces but can contain layers, as these are, so to speak, a private document.
  • Although you can have multiple versions of, for example, a Billboard within a document only with the levels to make, however, is the comparison of their versions with sign surfaces is significantly better.
  • In the full image mode, to switch you have to sign the Shortcut Command + 0 + Old to the corresponding character area in the layer menu click, so you only have a Version in full screen to see. In the case of a normal document with the levels Command + 0 is enough.

Good photographers use not only Photoshop, but also Lightroom to improve your photos. What exactly are the differences you will learn in the next article. You are still a beginner, and Photoshop is just too expensive? We have the best free Alternatives out wanted!