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Files between two Macs share: The best tips

  • Aug 07, 2020
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Just on MacBooks and Macs, there are many options to share files with another Apple Computer to replace. We will show you the Tools and resources that is fast and easy.

They use on MacBooks preinstalled programs for file-sharing

Apple itself provides several Tools with which you can transfer data to another Mac. These are the two options you have:
  1. Easy to the files of other active Macs on the network to access the share on this folder or even the whole hard drive. To do this, you go into the "system settings" and add under "shared" the folder. Also, you need to create the User of the other Macs with a user name and password, and grant Him a Read, a write, or both.
  2. From the operating system Mac OS X 10.7 aka "Lion" is incorporated in the Finder of Apple PC, the feature "Airdrop". Here you can see all Macs on the same Wi-Fi have enabled the Tool also just. Drag the file you want to send, simply click on the icon of the other PC. It is transferred immediately and is now on two Macs available.
  3. You want to exchange photos with another Mac, we recommend the shared photo stream from Mac OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion". Here you can share your pictures not only with other Macs, but also with iOS devices such as the iPhone or iPad. Simply enter the Apple ID (email address) of the other user and give him the images folder. The other Mac itself, belongs to them, it is sufficient to activate the "normal" photo stream on both devices in the iCloud settings. The photos you see in the program "iPhoto", which is integrated with the iLife package. This you get when you purchase each of the Macs for free.
Airdrop on the Mac

Other Mac programs and Cloud services for data exchange

Also from other manufacturers than Apple, there are numerous good programs that you can use to exchange files between two Macs. We present examples of two services.
  1. With the small, but fine Tool "Any Send" to send you whole files, or also, for example, only a URL to a different Mac in the same Wi-Fi. The program is hidden discreetly in the status bar at the top of the image. To send, for example, a Word document, highlight and copy it (cmd + "c"). Then you just have to click on the desired user in the list of the program.
  2. You have several Macs, for example, an iMac at home and a MacBook for work, it is recommended to keep the files on both devices in sync. The Easiest way is with a Cloud service such as "Dropbox". You install the program on both computers and log in with the same Account. All of the files that you store in the Dropbox folders on both Macs available. Your files will be stored here, however, on an external Server. This potential security gap, you should be aware of.
Any Send on the Mac
Test device: MacBook Air 13-inch, Mid 2012 with OS X 10.8.2